These are the worst people to live with

You’re probably one of them

You can’t pick your flat mates in fresher’s but you can pick who you then move in with in the years to come. So before you make any rushed decisions you might want to take a look at who you could be living with next year…

The one that doesn’t know how to take out the bin

This type of house mate would much rather live like a squatter and pile rubbish up like a game of Jenga, rather than walk two steps to the outside bin.

You’ll most likely have this person ask you at the end of the year “where actually is the bin?” leaving you wanted to smear all the rotten food in their face.

The one that likes to try and kill you all with moldy leftovers

This housemate will leave their leftovers and piss off home for the weekend, leaving you to fear for your own lives. If you’re lucky you might see a few spores forming.

The one with the not so funny drunken antics

This housemate will come in early hours of the morning and think it’s a good idea to start terrorizing your things, which at the time they’ll find hilarious until someone returns the favor.

The one who communicates via passive-aggressive notes

After the fakeness of freshers, pretending to get on with everyone, your guard drops and so does the concept of sharing food.

But why engage in conversation when you can sharpie a note instead?

The one who brings a different person back every night

You’re guaranteed to be woken up by the sound of them having sex at 4am, making it awkward to even look them in the eye the next day.

The one who invites everyone over for pre drinks

This housemate will invite everyone over for pre-drinks leaving you unable to sleep knowing you have a 9am lecture to look forward to.

Oh, and you’ll be expected to clear up the next day.

The one who refuses to do any washing up

This house mate will live in hope that eventually you’ll give in and wash up their stuff for them. Do not give in.

Do it once and you’ll be forever in this same situation.