Vote for Lincoln’s best night out

Let our poll tell you what the best night out is

It’s time to let us know about the nights out you love in Lincoln.

If there’s one thing that a student is capable of understanding in great detail, it’s the nightlife.

So for that reason we’re throwing it out to you, the students of Lincoln, to determine what the best night out is in Lincoln. Here is a bit of added guidance from The Tab to help you make your decision.

MONDAY: Lovedough

Kick off your party week with a bit of Lovedough..

To kick off the week, Monday night offers something a little bit different, largely honing in on the popular music trend of dance/house/deep house with a bit of RnB thrown in for good measure.

In terms of having a good time, you probably will if you’re in to that thing. It’s also pretty much the only thing going on a Monday, so you’re guaranteed to be amongst the fellow party-goers of Lincoln.

But as a student, if you’re looking after each and every penny, it’s not exactly your cheapest night out. Just your only Monday night choice.


Tuesday night… for the Skint ones amongst us.

Well, it’s for exactly what it says on the tin, us “skint” students. Perfect.

And to make matters even better, while the night is pretty much your bog-standard chart tunes for like-minded bargain hunters, the guys at Status seem to love providing you with something a bit quirky. Whether it’s Toblerones, Pringles, Lego people made to look like you, and all for free.

Cheap drinks, free food, it’s hardly a high class night out but, eh, we’re in Lincoln, not Chelsea.


Vote for Wednesday’s Engine Shed option if it makes you go quackers (sorry)

Nights out on a Wednesday are pretty few and far between, so you’ll have to settle for Engine Shed’s option of Quack.

A questionable name for a questionably good night out, but once you’ve thrown a few drinks down your neck, you’ll find that you’re ridding yourself of any dignity as you thrust to Vengaboys and Irish jig your way along a B*Witched blast from the past without a care in the world.

And with it being pretty much on the doorstep of a lot of students, it’s a pretty safe option for a decent night out considering your lack of choice for a Wednesday night.

THURSDAY: Entourage

Thursday night’s Entourage – clearly the place to be for The Tab’s cool kids…

Now if you’ve been to Skint on Tuesday, then you won’t be experiencing Home too often for your liking.

As a student night in arguably Lincoln’s most popular nightclub, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good night out here… until you get a little bit ahead of yourself and end up getting kicked out for thinking it’s a good idea to climb up on stage. Be warned.

But, as with Union, Home’s Tuesday student night, Entourage is always reliable in delivering a sound night out for easy to please pisshead students like us.

FRIDAY: Superbull

Superbull; what’s better than partying with a life size bull on a Friday night?

And here, to be a little bit biased (or a lot) is my favourite night of the week.

Without having to worry about stumbling into a lecture at 10am in the morning with the hangover from hell, Superbull is a great way to start the weekend. With Moka & Pulse offering your general pop music or urban/RnB at cheap student prices for drinks, who could say no? The entry of £5 however, isn’t quite as generous.

Aside from a disturbingly sticky floor and an irritatingly long wait at the bar, the jam-packed Superbull is a pretty great kick start to the weekend.

SATURDAY: Propaganda

Saturday night can see you rock up to Propaganda…

As for a Saturday night, well, this is pretty much your only choice if you’re still looking for cheapish prices.

Students go out the window on the weekend as the locals flock out, so you’re probably best sticking to the Engine Shed again if you want to avoid the creepy old men lingering around the town (or not, whatever floats your boat).

Offering something a little different to other popular student nights, Propaganda is Engine Shed’s “rock n roll” party as they put it. By the end of the night, you can expect your standard Seven Nation Army/Stacy’s Mom classics but don’t expect them too early, you’ll be fed a bit of The 1975 first.

All right to listen to at home but pretty shit to do anything to in a club other than shout at your mate in that stupid accent of Matt Healy.


Well, just go to a pub quiz at The Shed or something, have a night in, watch a film. You can still guzzle your cider, just probably not in the comfort of a bustling nightclub.

There you have it guys. Now vote below to reveal the true winner.