Halloween Cupcakes

A recipe for some delicious Halloween cupcakes

Aaah, Hallowe’en!  Pumpkins, overpriced costumes and a lot of spooky food. Want to join in the fun with minimal effort? These cupcakes will be right up your street then.


Makes roughly 12-16 cupcakes.

One packet cake mix

Hot chocolate powder

One bottle of soda (Dr Pepper or Coke for chocolate recipes, Sprite or 7Up for vanilla)

One can premade frosting

Bag of spooky sweets.


  1. Sieve your cake mix.

HR 1

Lumps are much easier to get out while everything’s dry, so make sure not to skip this.

hr 2

  1. Add 5 tsps hot chocolate powder.


If you want a vanilla cake then you can skip this (and add red food colouring), but this gives a chocolatier taste than a chocolate cake mix does. Mix well.

  1. Add half a bottle of room temperature soda.



Mix vigorously until smooth, don’t worry this is the toughest bit of this recipe.

  1. Spoon into cases.


Nearly there! Double up on cases and only fill a third of the way, they expand massively. Don’t worry about spills, they happen to the best of us. Bake at 200 Celsius for 15 minutes give or take.

  1. Ice once cooled.


Let your cakes cool and then crack open the tub of icing. You only need a thin layer because they’re pretty dense and rich anyway

  1. Chuck a spooky sweet on top and you’ve got yourself Hallowe’en cupcakes!


Share with friends or give them out to trick or treaters but there you have it, super quick delicious cupcakes. Don’t blame me if you start making them every week and put on three stone!