Lincoln uni heads up kitty research

£400,000 spent to discover cats get stressed from stroking.

Researchers at Lincoln University have been granted a whopping £400,000 to find the answers to the question we really want to know, “How is my cat feeling?”.

As a spokesperson from the Feline Friends charity who forked out the cash said “We owe it to our cats to try to achieve this”.

The aim of the research is to identify feline facial expressions for signs of pain or stress to help owners cater to their needs. As Professor David Mills, a Professors of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at the University of Lincoln said “Cats are often quite independent and they haven’t evolved sophisticated facial communication – so we don’t often realise they’re ill, or in a lot of pain”

This one looks pretty happy to me

Unsurprisingly, they discovered some cats do not like to be stroked as it makes them increasingly stressed out. Which explains why you get covered in unsightly scratches everytime you give their fluffy tummy’s a loving rub. However, if this intolerant cat lives with another friendlier feline who enjoys a fuss every now and again, they are generally happier and stress-free because they get a free pass.

At least dogs are easily pleased.

So no need to break a sweat trying to work out what what’s wrong with your high maintenance kitty cat, Lincoln University has the all answers for you.