There’s a SECOND teenage gang in Hyde Park and they’ve vandalised a student car

Just when you thought you were safe

Last weekend, three teenagers ran riot, mugging members of the student community until they were eventually arrested in connection with 20 offences in the Hyde Park/Burley area.

After that crazy weekend, a veil of calm descended over the student community, order was restored, memes were enjoyed.

Unfortunately, it turns out there are more teenagers on the loose, causing trouble among Leeds’s student community.

Rhys Comley was trying to park his car on Brudenell Mount, when three teenagers who looked between 15-17 stood in his way, deliberately preventing him from parking.

“I drove up to park up and they wouldn’t move. I was like can you move please and they started smacking my car and then kicked my mirror off my car. I tried to drive off and they came running towards me but I sped off.” Rhys told The Leeds Tab.

Rhys eventually drove away, later telling the police about the incident.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police told The Leeds Tab: “We have taken a report for a public order offence at that location. Enquiries are ongoing.

“This incident is not linked to the events mentioned in Hyde Park and Burley last weekend.”

Featured image credit: Channel 4/Peep Show. Does not depict real-life Hyde Park teenage gang.

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