All of the Leeds uni libraries have shut indefinitely due to coronavirus outbreak

Guess you can’t write that essay then

The University of Leeds has shut all of its libraries as of today, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Pictures were taken this morning of notices on library doors informing students of the closures. This action appears to have been taken due to the latest government advice to enforce social distancing where possible.

This development comes as The University of Leeds requested all teaching be transferred to online by the end of Wednesday 17th march. Many University of Leeds courses have already converted to online teaching.

Students have not yet received a formal email about library closures, however Roger Gair, University Secretary, informed students via email yesterday that the university will be taking measures to move teaching online and overcome concerns about assessments. This is intended to encourage students to work from home in line with government recommendations.

The email says students should work from home where possible

A prediction has been made by Imperial College London that 250,000 deaths may be seen if the correct procedures are not followed to suppress the virus.

As of yesterday, England has confirmed 1,196 cases of the coronavirus, Scotland 171, Wales 124, and Northern Ireland 52, with a death toll of 35.

Advice for students at the University of Leeds can be found here.