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Calling all single boys, RAG First Dates is on a mission to find you love

Are you single AGAIN this Valentine’s Day?

Singletons of Leeds, for another year, Leeds RAG is back with its very own version of First Dates. Leeds’ first date restaurant (a.k.a Revs) will be open between 16th March and 19th March and applications are open NOW – unfortunately they couldn’t book Fred, but who knows, there could be a hot bartender?

RAG are looking for anyone who wants to find love, but especially fit single boys since they've already got more than enough girls waiting for their Prince Charming.

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The dates won't be filmed so your embarrassment will also be spared, and RAG are also throwing in a free shot to break the ice and keep the "what course do you do?" questions to a minimum.

All proceeds from the event will go towards Leeds MENCAP, which means there really is no reason to sign up here.

Next Valentine's day is looking more hopeful after all.