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What cringey Valentine’s gift is your Leeds University halls?

Heart shaped jewellery anyone?

With Valentines Day just around the corner, there's no better place to get gift inspo than from the very halls that you live in. It's also a good opportunity for you not to be shocked when you receive yet another cringey, pointless present.

Charles Morris – Bottle of Wine

Very boujee and very extra, the phrase "more money than sense" comes to mind when you think of Charles Morris. While their Valentines date would be happy with a £4 bottle of Echo Falls, those in Charles Morris will get their Daddy to ring all the finest vineyards in Italy for that perfect £500 bottle of red wine – maybe after this the girl they took home after Fruity will actually text them back.

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Absolute state of it x

James Baillie – Name Tattoo

To add to their growing collection of awful stick and poke tattoos, the gift James Baillie will lovingly provide is your name scrawled across their arm. Don't expect it to be legible though, because they deffo won't be doing this while sober. And don't be shocked when the morning after their search history is filled with the words "how to remove tattoo's at home for free."

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Central Village – Heart Shaped Jewellery

Cringiness peaks with Central Village. We don't make the rules. Boys here will spend hours searching online for the perfect gift for their girlfriend of two years, but somehow will still end up ordering the same heart-shaped Pandora necklace. They'll think they're a genius, and their girlfriends will fake a smile before putting it in their drawer alongside the other 20 heart-shaped necklaces they've ever received.

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Necklaces have ALWAYS been traumatic. Avoid.

Devonshire – A Single Rose

With their old fashioned exterior and formal dinners, it's hard for Devonshire to forget they're not actually living in the middle of an Emily Brontë novel. That's exactly why come Valentines Day, they'll be confessing their love to an unexpected flatmate by kneeling before them with a single rose in their mouth – there might even be a poem, depending on whether they get immediately rejected. So not very likely, then.

Lyddon – Box of Chocolates (from Co-op)

Lyddon knows they can't compete with neighbours Charles Morris, so the most effort they'll put in is walking five metres to the union Co-op to buy a box of chocolates – but only if it's under £3, no one deserves chocolate that expensive. And when they've sold out, they'll probs just buy an extra wrap from the Refectory and draw a heart on the paper wrapping.

Bonus points if you get it in the meal deal

Tannery – A Fancy Meal

The supposed home of the medics and dentists, these guys have limited time but are also nice AF. So when they somehow manage to schedule you in for a romantic dinner, you better be offering to pay – not just for the meal, but for their time as well. Stealing our future doctors' time does not come cheap.

Lupton – Sainsburys Gift Card

Being two minutes from a Sainos is pretty much all Lupton has going for it – and they know it. They've been racking up their precious nectar points since freshers week, so when a gift card loaded with £20 of points slips out of their Sainsburys own Valentines card, at least try to act happy. This gesture basically means marriage to them.

Expect a similar present from those living in Hyde Park this year

Henry Price – Teddy Bear

Henry Price will be living up to their bang average appearance by buying the cutest teddy bear they can find – hopefully one holding a heart with a cringey phrase stitched across it. Nothing to get too excited about, but adequate enough. Kinda like Henry Price.

North Hill Court – Pack of Ciggies (found outside James Baillie)

Let's be honest, these guys have probably been planning to give this gift to their edgy guy or gal crush over at James Baillie for months. Although, they haven't realised they've actually been eyeing up five different people because they all look the same, but it doesn't matter – the fresh pack of ciggies they found lying outside on the ground is sure to impress any of them.

(If they ever get invited to pres).

Who could say no?

Liberty Dock/Oxley – Nothing

Trekking halfway across Leeds to meet you, those from Liberty Dock and Oxley can't be blamed for thinking the greatest gift is their presence. It's not that they forgot to buy you anything, it's just that no present will ever match the effort it takes them to leave their accommodation and actually go somewhere.