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Leeds Beckett forgot to put out desks for their Legal Practice Course exam

You wouldn’t get this at Uni of

Students studying for their Legal Practice Course (LPS) from Leeds Beckett were shocked when they got to their exam on Tuesday to find there were no desks.

We're not kidding you, this actually happened.

A source states the mishap caused the exam to be delayed by "almost half an hour", with an obvious lack of desks hindering the start of the test.

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The state of the hall at the time the exam was supposed to take place

The desks were soon found and students were able to sit the exam. An email was later sent apologising to all those involved and offering a deferred exam in the summer.

Deveral Capps, the Dean of Leeds Law School at Beckett, stated to Legal Cheek that "no student will be disadvantaged and we are taking urgent steps to ensure this does not happen again."

Classic Beckett.

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