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Leeds RAG Fashion Show has announced the new theme and it’s beyond EDGY

Edgy Leeds is about to reach a whole new level

Leeds Rag Fashion Show have finally revealed their theme for this, their 11th year, and we are IN LOVE.

The theme is called The Collection’ and it’s an investigation of 5 major art forms that have shaped modern fashion. These aren’t Instagram Influencers…these are the actual influencers – Shaking shit up since 1750.

LRFS .. 2019 // THE COLLECTION #11

Posted by Leeds RAG Fashion Show on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The movements chosen are Pop Art, Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism and Romanticism, with each becoming scenes in the show on February the 28th, all bringing something contrasting to the show. The Directors wanted to show representation of the inspiration of art in fashion through the centuries but with a modern, street-savvy twist.

The Leeds Tab spoke to Tamika Hewitt and Bella Bowes, the Director Dream Team of LRFS, to give us the low-down of all things fashion.

Why ‘The Collection’? Why now?

"This theme stood out to us the most. We decided on this one because it’s easy to forget how much modern fashion relies on the art of the past few centuries – and our show provides a different, more holistic take on modern fast-fashion. It was Bella’s family, actually, who helped her come up with The Collection – we’ve both been into art and music for a long time, and the history of it. It felt natural.’"

Which scene are you most looking forward to?

"That’s a really hard question! All the scenes are going to be so different, so diverse. There’s so many great things about each one. For example, the last scene is just going to be a huge explosion of colour and fun and dance – everyone will love this one. The first four will absolutely shock people, and be very thought-provoking – I’m excited to see peoples’ reactions.’"

Is it difficult managing it all?

"Bella and I have loved working on this so far this year, it’s been a demanding process but so much fun. And we’ve already managed to raise so much for charity. It’s been overwhelming; from people we know and loads we don’t! There’s so much planned for next term including an abseil on in February on the Michael Sadler Building which is one of the tallest building in Leeds – you can donate here. A Bierkeller Social, a Wine and Cheese Night and loads more – these are crucial as they bring the committee and supporters together and gives us a chance to educate everyone about the charities."

Monday blues? We feel you ☁️Not to worry though because we have 24 HOURS till the pre release goes live for the…

Posted by Leeds RAG Fashion Show on Monday, December 10, 2018

Their pre-sale tickets may have sold out in record time – but more will be released in the new year.

A lowdown on the LRFS Scenes:

The first scene is ROMANTICISM. This isn’t the boring ‘I wondered lonely as a cloud…’, think more Lord Byron with his questionable sexuality or the dozens of mistresses these dirty men kept. Get it, gurl.

Lily Kinnear Griffiths told us about her darkly angelic fantasies:

Romanticism is a late 18th Century art movement inspired by the power and beauty of nature and the fluidity of feeling over rigid rationality. To reflect this, I’ve incorporated flowing silhouettes, transparent fabrics that draw focus to the skin and floral detailing. Not wanting to forget the movements darker side, with a deep interest in unexplored human emotions such as fear and the mystical, expect to see some otherworldly creatures emerge from the shadows onto the catwalk.

Next is IMPRESSIONISM. This is the one to influence our wardrobes – street wear! Init.

Ali Griffiths is the stylist heading this one, these are his ideas:

"Impressionism is a French art movement that started in the 1870s that focused on painting in the open air, (en plein air). Since impressionist painters focused on the world around them, what style is there to better represent this than street style? The style is born out of cultural and social influences, and represents everything about the world we live in. Think suit jackets with track-pants, industrial work clothes paired with tennis shoes and skate-wear layered on hiking gear."

Then we have CUBISM. No squares here – Picasso and Chagall will be splintering your vision and dazzling your senses. Iconic.

Cubism is the weirdly wonderful style created by Pablo Picasso among others. The idea in these artworks is to distort the traditional formulation of objects in an image – such as in Picasso’s Weeping Woman, where the facial features are absorbed into the tissue. Imagine sharp lines and jutting, vibrant angels splashed in explosions of primary and secondary colours.

Now let us introduce SURREALISM. This style is subjective to anyone who sees it, so expect some varying interpretations with this one. Shooketh.

Amy Brogden is keen to make the audience intriguingly uncomfortable:

"Surrealism was an art movement designed to confuse and disturb. Artists like Dali and Magritte juxtaposed inanimate objects to help unlock the unconscious mind. This scene will be weird, wonderful and a little disturbing. The audience will be left confused but intrigued. Clothes that are unusual, dysfunctional, eccentric and bewildering will be used to create the runway looks."

And the final scene is POP ART. Think enormous splashes of colour and vibrant choices. Wig.

Solene Rose is the stylist in charge of Pop Art, here’s what she had to say:

"Since Pop Art is an American art movement that celebrates popular culture and colour I've really focused on bringing bright clashing patterns and unusual textures to my scene inspired by Jeremy Scott (Fall 2014 Moschino), Agatha Ruiz De La Prada (Madrid WF 2014), Gianni Versace (Spring 1991) and Yves Saint Laurent (1966 pop art show). All I'm saying is the scene is meant to be fun and rich with colour which I definitely think will be achieved so stay tuned and expect some colourful wigs!"

We're blown away by what we've already been teased with, and can't wait to see what happens next.