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What is actually happening with all the 11s around Leeds?

Why is there an 11 stuck to my Maccies please?


Why is there an 11 stuck to my Sainsbury's shop? What is with all the 11 stickers around campus? Is it a pause button? 2 fingers to the MAN? Is it a reference to Oceans 11 (mmmm George and Brad)? 11:11, make a wish? 11 Pipers Piping? Tis the season.

We had so many questions, but now the answer has been revealed…

It's to mark the 11th year of the Rag Society Fashion Show at Leeds University raising cash for worthy causes. And this year promises to be the best ever.

Watch out for the theme reveal, next Tuesday, on the 11th of the 12th (see how that ties in? Nice) because we can tell you it’s going to blow you away. 11s have been posted EVERYWHERE around Leeds, from Christmas Trees to Sainsbury’s Lettuces to McDonald’s workers. There’s really no escaping it.

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Maccies – always repin' (Instagram – @jaspreet_sohal)

And there’s a very good reason for this Ab-Fab-style marketing campaign – as LRFS wants to raise as much money to help as many people using the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and Behind Closed Doors charities as possible.

The wedding anniversary gift for 11 years is steel (apparently? Steel bar, dear?) and these ideas of, courage, firepower and resilience fit well with the amazing strength of the people LRFS aims to help.

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If your bus ever turns up, you might see this (Instagram – @juliaa_london)

Through unbelievable fashion choices and gorgeous pantomime makeup, LRFS has a massive £18,000 goal for the wonderful organisations this year – so show your support and share photos of 11 stickers wherever you see them!

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(Instagram – @amybrogden)