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Come Dine with Me is coming to Leeds, and here’s how you can apply

Chicken nugs and cheesy chips sounds ideal

Who doesn’t love the classic show, Come Dine With Me? A sarcastic narrator, delicious and dubious meals, and of course the contestants who always end up backstabbing each other. What more could you want from a programme? Oh, and let’s not forget that there’s a £1,000 cash prize at stake here. I mean come on, image the number of VKs you could buy with that!

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Unfortunately, you do have to muster up a three course meal, so chicken nugs and chips won’t quite cut it on this programme. But, if you feel your culinary skills stretch further than pesto pasta then this could be your claim to fame.

Plus we’ve all seen the show, right? Some participants seem to expect fellow contestants to have gone out and caught the fish they’re serving up themselves. But don’t worry, you won’t have to go on any fishing trips down by the Leeds docks. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver, you just have to create three edible dishes (and if they taste good, well that’s a bonus!).

The auditions for Leeds start on the 26th of November and continue until the 28th of November with filming between the 14th – 18th January 2019. But do not fret if you can’t make these because Come Dine With Me is touring the country so you can catch another city as well.

You have to be over the age of 18 but if you think you or one of your friends could fit the bill then you can apply here.

*oh and remember, life is too short to not lick the bowl*