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This Leeds student crowdfunded a £100 Uber so he could make it to a night out

A GoFundMe page was set up after Patrick’s train was cancelled

A Leeds student crowdfunded £101 for an Uber so he could travel 60 miles from Leeds to the Yorkshire Dales in order to make a night out.

After Northern Rail cancelled his train, Patrick Ashby, a Medic at the University of Leeds, was in Beaver Works with the MedSoc, but had to find a way of getting to Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales in time for "the biggest A Cappella social of the calendar year".

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Fourth year Patrick told The Leeds Tab: "I had to be at an A cappella holiday this weekend as I'm president of the society, but the biggest social of the Medics calendar was on Friday. I booked my train perfectly so that I could go home after the medic night, have a shower and then get the train at 5am to Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales."

Despite careful planning, his travel arrangements were cancelled two days before, leaving Patrick doubting whether he could attend the party: "I wrote a long essay to my friends and the MedSoc committee saying sorry guys, I can't miss this A cappella holiday as I'm in charge, the train is cancelled so there's no chance I can make it to the event".

The even is called cocktail party, which is attended by 1,000 Medic students and hosted in a massive warehouse hired out by the society and people go hard on their costumes.

"I just got loads of messages saying that I couldn't miss cocktail party, especially as I was the MedSoc president last year, but a taxi was going to be £80 plus."

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Desperate for Patrick to join them, his friends started a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe to raise money for the £100 Uber journey from Beaver Works to the Yorkshire Dales.

"My friend Venky set up the fundraiser as a joke and it just took off from there. Just before the night started I got to the £80 target and also got £30 in cash which I really wasn't expecting. I made it on time, still very much drunk and not having slept. Also the theme was 'Best of British' so my housemates went as the Northern Rail train that got cancelled."

On the front of his train costume, Patrick attached a sign that read: "We are sorry to inform you that the 05:03am service to Ribbleshead has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience."

The faces of Jeremy Corbyn, Dr Alex from Love Island, Gordon Ramsay and other celebs were also stuck on the carriages of the train costume.

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