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Forget the ‘scary vs sexy debate’ when it comes to Halloween costumes, we are all very different people

‘Halloween is my one time of year to be sexy, don’t take that away from me’

It's that time of year again, Halloween, which means it is time for all the controversial costumes to come out. We see sexy angels and playboy bunnies, heaps of insane make up and face paint and tons of scary zombies; well lads in a white ripped shirt with blood on and contacts.

But no matter where you are or who you are, everyone has that one friend who didn't get the memo and turns up in their two year old bed sheet claiming to be a ghost.

We can all agree how popular and competitive Halloween has got, so the pressure is on more than ever. But as much as we love it, when did Halloween get so many rules?

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The "scary vs sexy" debate plays a bit part in how people approach Halloween, but lets face it, everyone can do what the hell they want. This is where the fun comes in though, what's better than being in the smoking area with a huge pumpkin, a group of sexy cats and Freddy Krueger on Halloween? The fact that some people don't give a shit makes it even more exciting.

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Someone didn't get the sexy memo

We love our Halloween enthusiasts, the ones who love horror and make the hours of effort worth it. You've waited all year for this day, spent hours researching and hand-crafting your costume, going through bottles of fake blood whilst trying to replicate make-up from the YouTube tutorial as best as you can. And through all that blood, sweat and tears, your contacts are in. Smashed it.

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Halloween is the perfect opportunity for us to – well – slut it up a bit… and anyway, what better day of the year to get the group together and live out your lifelong dream of being a playboy bunny? So to all you Lara Crofts, devils and sexy nurses out there, you go girls.

Someones on a bunny hunt @cooper.illustrations

Then there are those who may have a slight idea, but are happy to leave it last minute and hope for the best. On goes their laciest leotard, smokey eyes, dark lip and a lil fake blood and voila! This is also where you classic zombie boys come into things. A white t-shirt, scissors and a bottle of blood to finish off the job.

We asked students how they feel about the Scary vs Sexy debate

"Who is to say you can't be a combination of both? A zombie face with a lace leotard? Yes please."

"Pls I’m scary rest of the year."

"I'm a huge fan of looking slutty and cute for Halloween. If I'm spending this much money on a costume, I want pictures that are gonna look good all year." – Michael, Third Year PR

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"As long as there’s fake blood all over my face and body, I’m happy" – Charlotte, Third Year Journalism

"Eurgh no I can't stand it why are you a bunny"

"Sexy wins every time for me." – Bridey, Third Year

"I'm all for people living their lives." – Robyn, Second Year

"Sexy on the bottom, scary on the top! Scary makeup is always kinda sexy anyway" – Emily

"Stop being a slut all your life and be something scary, make those losers jump out their skin." – Beth, Third Year English Literature Student

It doesn't matter anyway, we'll all look dead in the morning anyway. x