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Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character is your Leeds uni halls?

We can’t all be Peralta

It's that time of the year again. We have all settled back into Leeds, you never want to see another VK again after freshers, and your first deadline is just around the corner. It is well and truly procrastination season.

Luckily for us all, Brooklyn Ninee-Nine have announced their sixth season, so to celebrate, we naturally need to bring your two true loves together (B99 and Leeds) and answer the question on everybody's lips:

Which iconic B99 character is your halls in the Leeds Precinct?

Central Village – Gina Linetti

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Everyone who lives at Central Village sees themselves as a 'Gina'; self-absorbed, always on the latest trends, and never actually does any work (despite being on uni's doorstep).

Devonshire & Charles Morris – Hitchcock & Scully

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Which one is which? Who knows, but nobody really likes them and they're just about tolerated. Intentionally exiled from uni life, they stick to their own kind (but secretly yearn to be included with everyone else).

James Baillie – Jake Peralta

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The quintessential 'cool guy' of the precinct (Leeds), James Baillie residents have won the accommodation lottery. Although everyone else might cringe at the self-proclaimed 'edginess', they come to love it as just a part of who they are.

North Hill Court – Charles Boyle

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James Baillie's persistent tag along, like an annoying younger brother that you have to take to the park with you because your mum said you had to. A hideous sidecar to James' Baillie's sleek Harley Davidson, North Hill Court would do anything to be like its cooler big brother.

Liberty Dock – Rosa Diaz

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Something about the mysterious and closed-off nature of Liberty Dock makes it irresistible. You find yourself wondering about what actually goes on down there, and the residents know that keeping to themselves only adds to the intrigue. Rare signs of sociability occasionally crack the surface, but the people remain a mystery to the rest of Leeds.

The Tannery – Terry Jeffords

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This hidden gem can seem a bit distant at times, but its always there when you need it. People here live their own lives, but they're always up for a party if you can be bothered to trek out to go there. Only a sporadic feature in most student's lives, it can always lead to a good time if you let it.

CitySide – Amy Santiago

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The best of the best, without admitting to it. CitySide is the one where everyone wants to be, but nobody will admit it. Better than you in its sharp modern looks, its almost definitely top of its class – much like its residents. Although they're a bit of an outsider, and can come off as boring, despite trying their best to fit in.

Henry Price – Captain Raymond Holt

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Boring, miserable, up tight, etc. The graveyard outside the window can easily mislead an outsider to think that Henry Price is as dull as it's exterior, but once you get to know it, the weirdly quirky side starts to emerge. Although you still wouldn't invite it to your party, just in case they kill the mood.