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Leeds RAG Fashion Show Needs YOU

Sorry, but why would you not want to work in a fashion show?

So you’re at uni? Whatever.

That’s your CV now. The one line. And that condescending reply? That’s the HR woman (probably Susan or Sharron…or Debbie) as they happily bin it. It’s easy to sesh your way through uni – believe me I know. But if you don’t get that extra-curricular volunteering stuff down, well, you’re not going to get that fabulous graduate job with that fabulous pay grade.

Luckily for you, you're in Leeds, and Leeds is home to Leeds Rag Fashion Show, which is THE premier charitable student enterprise, every single year. And the luck continues, because this is an open casting call – that's right, they need YOU.

Their website states that: “Leeds Rag Fashion Show is one of the University Union’s biggest events every year” so this is no small-time couple-of-hours in an Oxfam, this is the big time.

I’m talking real, applicable workplace skills that will shine out of your CV like the strobes in Fruity. There’s a huge amount to get involved with too. Students run “everything from production and styling to fundraising, sponsorship and marketing”. For the night of the show, a further 60 students will be needed as runners, dressers and the like – so if you think ‘I probably wont get it, no need to apply’ you’d be wrong, son.

Current Director, Tamika Hewitt revealed some of the benefits working for RAG Fashion Show to The Leeds Tab, saying: “Getting involved with this year’s fashion show guarantees that I can support really important causes whilst developing the skills that future employers look for. Already I’ve been involved in so many aspects that relate to various departments in major organisations, greatly strengthening my commercial awareness”.

Bella Bowes, another Director this year, couldn’t be any happier with the experience. She shared how LRFS “was the best experience of my university career so far. It provided me with the chance to work creatively on a charity project which championed diversity and inclusiveness” as well as getting to meet a rainbow flag of other people from all backgrounds.

So if you’re a first year and don’t know many people, put that Rom Com down – yes and the chocolate – and get yourself out there.

She went on to say: “Not only does the experience give you an invaluable skill set, but previous committee members have actually got onto graduate schemes through fashion show networking.”

Last year’s director, Kiran Manak echoed Bella’s sentiment, telling The Leeds Tab: "LRFS has been one of the best things I have ever done at university. I met so many amazing people, had the opportunity to work on many different projects and learnt so many skills. Managing a project on such a large scale harnessed a multitude of skills outside of my degree, particularly in the creative area, for example choreography, lighting, management and the basics of graphic design.”

As if this weren’t enough, she ended by giving us all hope (myself very much included) that this kind of thing truly boosts your employability.

She said: “It’s from LRFS that I was scouted for my graduate job. So I cannot recommend enough that you apply".

This isn’t your tutor nudging you, or your mum (they do that a lot, though), it’s Tamika, Bella and Kiran , just some students trying to give you the benefit of their wisdom. As Bella says “The only logical thing to do therefore was to apply to direct the 2019 show”.

But seriously, Behind Closed Doors and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund need YOU.

This year they’re aiming to donate a staggering £18,000 to two worthy causes, Behind Closed Doors and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. I mean, think how many cheeky post-night-out- Crispy's you could get. Best part of a night out. Fight me.

This completely student run enterprise has “raised over £1million for charities in over 18 countries” since 2012 (I had to double check that while writing, it is correct – which amounts to a £300,000 per year charitable machine headed by students for those in need).

To be part of this uh-mazing night, the stipulations are that you’re “passionate about charity, fashion and giving back” and you’re not a monster, so you fit the bill! A report by Charity Digital News in 2015 found the 16-24 demographic is the LEAST likely to be involved in charity – so we need to up our game, folks. Spread love not hate.


Head of Charity (1)

Head of Media (1)

Director of Finance (1)

Sponsorship Managers (2)

Model Managers (2)

Fundraising Managers (4)

Press/PR Managers (2)

Social Media Managers (2)

VIP Managers (2)

Marketing Executives (1 Head and 3 Executives)

Producers (2 Heads and 5 Producers)

Stylists(1 Head and 4 Stylists)

For more information, follow the link to the Leeds FAG Fashion Show Facebook page, and fill out the application BEFORE 7TH OCTOBER here.