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If Leeds halls were Friends characters, this is what they would be

Henry Price is defo Chandler

Whether you like it or not, your choice of uni halls says an awful lot about you as a person. And what better way is there to judge people on their life choices than to compare them with Friends? Here's the lowdown on which character your Uni of Leeds halls is.

CitySide: Rachel Green

Let's face it, if you live at CitySide you're one of those lucky bastards whose parents send you to uni armed with carrier bags full of M&S or Waitrose's finest. You were probably dropped off in Daddy's Porsche as well. Undoubtedly CitySide is of the pengest accommodations going, you've pretty much won the first year lottery if you live there – and you'll definitely need to have won the lottery to pay your rent. Like Rachel, people only hate you because they want to be you.

Central Village: Ross Geller

Like Ross, the majority of people at Central Village are somewhat detached from the real world. The epitome of first world problems, these guys are probably heavily-dependent on their parents giving them spending money to help fund their poor student lifestyle, which involves taking on the mammoth task of walking downstairs to Tesco. No matter how hard you try, Central Village will always be seen as the second best to CitySide.

James Baillie: Joey Tribbiani

Everyone knows that James Baillie is the place to be. Home to the BNOCs and always the site of the ket-fuelled pres AND afters, James Baillie is up there with the best. Like Joey, residents of James Baillie are usually seen looking a little worse for wear, perhaps covered in pizza stains, but this is evidence that they're recovering from one of many good nights out. True heroes.

Leodis: Monica Geller

A lot like Monica Geller, Leodis is the halls that tries way too hard. Despite being one of the biggest halls on offer, this place has been known to host literally some of the shittiest pres ever, despite peoples' best efforts. 10/10 for effort Leodis, but at the end of the day, like Monica, you're nobody's favourite.

Henry Price: Chandler Bing

Ah, Henry Price. The definition of average. Forever trying to be as cool as their neighbours at James Baillie, Henry Price residents are the tragic-try-hards. Don't get me wrong, like Chandler, these guys can be fun, but everybody knows that this is only a cover-up for their desperate unhappiness.

Liberty Dock: Phoebe Buffay

Like Phoebe, people at Lib Dock are quirky AF. Most likely a vegetarian and a preacher of world peace, these guys may seem innocent and naive at first glance, when really we all know they spend their Friday nights getting ketty at Beaverworks round the corner.

Charles Morris: Emily Waltham

It's no secret that everyone at Charles Morris is rich, posh and probably a tory. Daddy pays for all their living costs, and they're not afraid to tell everyone about it. Residents of Charles Morris are so wealthy, rumour has it that actual royalty lived here last year.

Lyddon Hall: Gunther

In all honestly, I had barely even heard of Lyddon Hall until now. It's common knowledge that you only end up in Lyddon if you don't have enough wealthy family connections to bag a place in Charles Morris. Alongside Gunther, these halls are massively overlooked and often forgotten, despite the convenient spot on campus. Poor Gunther.

Devonshire Hall: Mr. Heckles

Literally the oldest halls known to man, Devonshire Hall is seriously lacking in fun. Like Mr. Heckles, this place is a decrepit fun sponge, I'm afraid to say.

Lupton: Mike Hannigan

Lupton is the halls that everyone grows to love. Although on the surface, it may seem like you've lost the draw by ending up at Lupton, this bag of crap can be surprisingly fun. Once you get used to the creaky single beds and the drafty windows, like Mike, you'll end up loving it, despite its flaws.

Oxley: David

Like David, everyone feels a bit sorry for people living at Oxley. And not in a good way. In the "I'm-so-glad-I'm-not-you" way. Oxley is so far away from Uni that it is highly comparable to David's eternity spent in Minsk.

Montague Burton: Will Colbert

Montague Burton. Where is that again? Literally one of the most irrelevant halls going, it's still a mystery to me who actually lives here. My guess is that residents at Montague Burton most likely spend their time seething with jealousy that they weren't lucky enough to end up in a halls that anyone's actually heard of.