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Breaking: Mint Club to close

This news isn’t mint, sorry

The Leeds night-club, and all round student haunt, Mint, is to close its doors after 20 years in early 2019.

Following the news, the club's owners shared in a statement: "The area around the club is being comprehensively redeveloped and we were not able to renew or extend the lease."

So to say: the big money is rolling in and us penniless students have to, well… do one.

For two decades Mint has burst students’ eardrums with Derrick Carter crashing through in 1998 for Back To Basics in Mint’s first show.

Following this we’ve seen Asylum, Technique, Bigger Than Barry, not to mention Mint Mondays – billed on TicketArena as “Leeds’ biggest Monday night party”.

But it’s not all bad news, the owners reassured "Over the next months we will be celebrating over 20 years of fantastic music with a series of special shows” and they hope to go out with a BANG.

Mint follows both Canal Mills and The Cockpit as another saddening closure – so get out there, do a Jesus and turn your watery student loan into alcohol, and maybe we can save what we’ve got left.

Photo credit: Mint Club Facebook Page