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Everything you definitely did not know about Leeds Freshers’ Week

Let the seven day hangover commence


A level results are out and the countdown to Freshers' Week is on. You are armed with a tragic uni survival guide and starting to think you may just have everything under control. Little do you know, in just two short weeks you will be drinking non stop and dying of the worst hangover of your life.

Are you prepared for the reality of Leeds Freshers? Absolutely not.

You think you can cook, until you rock up to A&E

Fancy yourself as the flat chef? Knock yourself out, but try to avoid traumatic trips to A&E with your new flatmates. It is vital to remember to leave some culinary ventures to the experts. Giving up does not mean you are weak and frozen food does not mean you failed.

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Buying every kitchen utensil in Aldi and trying to justify it to your mum

Everyone will turn up to uni with the latest Asda dinner set, an array of glasses and mugs and enough pans to kit out Trinity kitchens. It does not matter what you take to uni.

All your utensils will end up like this anyway

You will either leave with an even more extensive collection of kitchen equipment, or if you are like most students, you will leave with one fork, two knives and chipped bowl, which you aren't entirely sure was ever yours to begin with. To your disappointment the only mug that will be heading home is yourself. At least the loss provides a good excuse for another day trip to IKEA.

Trying to make your flat look edgy is tough on a student budget

It is therefore essential to collect a traffic cone at the end of a night out to make clear to all your visitors you know how to have a good time without breaking the bank.

A further brainwave will hit, most likely a couple of days into freshers when someone makes the original decision to start arranging empty bottles of glens in the kitchen window, to serve as a constant reminder to other flats that you are the biggest legends there.

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Two weeks into uni and you will be forced hang your heads in shame when you realise you have lost your title to the dickheads across the courtyard who *apparently* haven't slept since they moved in.

Thinking your flat will be best friends for life and live happily ever after

One of the biggest worries for many about starting uni is moving out of home and moving in with a lucky dip of strangers from across the country. You may get lucky and land yourself a flat full of people who you instantly click with.

If your flat sucks, don't worry making friends in freshers is easy, even it requires leaving your room. Your uni pals may be found on your course, within one of the many societies available to join or even in the bathrooms on a night out – honestly, just keep an open mind.

Freshers flu is a thing and it will hit you

Is it the unhygienic conditions of uni halls? Is it the never-ending stream of Revs shot sticks and late nights? No one truly knows, but freshers flu will hit each and every student, without fail, like a tonne of bricks.

Lecture halls become a breeding ground for the unshakable illness. The nightmare only gets worse if you find yourself sat in a lecture in Roger Stevens. With the only means of escape being at either end of a very long row of seats, it is safe to say a sudden coughing fit poses a very real threat to your dignity and security. This cough will last approximately 6 months, and general standard of health will slip for the next three years – embrace it.

If you don't go out everynight in Freshers' Week, do you even go to Leeds Uni?

You are about to experience some of the best nights out of your life. Get your shit shirt on and find your edgy side at classic Leeds Uni venues, such as Beaverworks and Church – a great one to tell your catholic grandma you're a frequent visitor of. Or, let your hair down with several VKs on the infamous Fruity dance floor. Rainbow challenge? Completed it mate.

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