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A definitive list of Leeds’ worst club nights, and why you should still go to them

I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to

We all have that hometown club filled with our old high school friends and shit music. But what about the embarassing clubs of Leeds? You know, the ones you claim to hate and would never admit to turning up to every event, without fail. There's a reason Fruity is sold out every single week.

I decided to investigate and carry out an honest review of every club in Leeds I love to hate. Besides, I'm saving your time and the last few quid in the bottom of your bag.

Quids In at Pryzm is the busiest and cheesiest night

Pryzm is one of those nights where you tell all your flat mates you are "never going ever, ever again". And yet, you return every week because there is just something quite attractive about long queues and ‘Reach for the Stars’ by S Club 7.

It's all in the name, "Quids In". Have I ever paid £1 to get in? Maybe not. I guarantee every mistake you make in Freshers' Week will happen at Quids In with five VKs in your hands.

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However, the highlight of any Pryzm night out is the onstage competitions between each university and the locals. It’s a given, each and every week, that Leeds Beckett will WHOOP every other team. They might be at the bottom of the University League Table, but they can eat chilli spaghetti blindfolded quicker than anyone else in Leeds, legends.

Mission is a nightmare to find, a nightmare to walk to and a fucking nightmare to get an Uber to.

But Leeds on a Thursday is dead, so the mysteriously located Mission is your only choice.

Mission has a very special place within my heart due to playing a great mix of club, house and R&B. If you like a remix that makes your face clench, then Mission is the place for you. However, if you prefer Justin Bieber, please do yourself and everyone else a favour and just stick to Quids In.

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Mission is one of those rare nights that is aimed at a more seasoned uni student – big up second and third years. Drinks are a little more pricey but isn't that just another excuse for a longer and more intense pre drinks?

Now, let's talk about the toilets. It's an experience. Are they meant to be shaped like bins or space ships? I'm confused about the vibe they were going for and seriously not a fan of the door gap.

Projekt at the O2 Academy is literally your only hope on a Saturday

It's coming to the end of the semester, we are all eating Super Noodles and struggling to afford a weekend night out but we want to get wavy, so let's go 02 Academy.

Projekt is predominantly house music, however, there is also a sweaty af R&B room downstairs, if you're vibing with that kind of music.

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It's one of the cheapest places in Leeds on a weekend and we thank them for that. The majority of students pile inside, leaving the rest of Leeds to party with our parents' generation and to cry on the kerb before getting a taxi at half ten. Tragic.

And the best part of Projekt is that it's right next to McDonalds. What more could you want after a night of dirty raving than a 20 nugget share box?

Everyone says Space is shit, but honestly it's just average

Prepare to get your Google Maps out because I still don't know where Space is. I do remember, however, that it's small and dingy and I rate it highly regardless.

Space is perfect when you're hungover from Quids In on a Tuesday, but decide to go last minute and turn up wearing jeans and a nice top. Ideal.

The queue is usually absolutely ridiculous, but it's a good sign – isn't it? The bouncers are a bit extra and interrogate you for no good reason. I'm almost 20, allow it.

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VK's are decently priced and spirit mixers – obviously Vodka and Red Bull – are cheap, even if they don't taste amazing.

Uni-sex toilets? Not entirely sure how I feel about that, but I'm usually too drunk to care.

Photo credits: Quids In facebook page, Space facebook page, Mission facebook page, Project facebook page