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Church bouncer throws Leeds student to the ground on night out

Definitely not God’s work

Leeds student, Duncan, was carried through Leeds nightclub, Church, and tackled to the ground on Friday night by one of the bouncers.

Duncan was holding onto his friends after having one too many drinks, when the bouncer told him to go home. As he was struggling to walk in his drunken state, the bouncer picked him up over his shoulder, initially unaggressive.

His friend Jordan posted the video to Leeds Uni Tickets, with over 400 outraged students reacting to the post.

Jordan comments that "the bouncer, for absolutely no reason, just threw Duncan to the floor with his own body weight behind him, while my mate was literally defenceless."

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Duncan's friends then stopped recording the incident and begged him not to hurt Duncan anymore. Jordan watched the bouncer "pick him back up like a rag doll" and push him into the street, next to Laidlaw Library entrance on Leeds Uni campus.

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The violent bouncer, who threw Duncan to the ground

Jordan named the bouncer's violence as "an unnecessary force to someone who wasn't being aggressive or a threat, he just needed to go home."

Church were unable to comment at the time of publishing.