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We know what you always wear to lectures based on what degree you study

When you thought you were the OG but it turns out you’re just a sheep

Heres the round up of all the outfits you definitely wear to your lectures on the degree you do, Geography you already know what I'm going to say…


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They are carrying two coffees, is one for a friend? Absolutely not. They run on caffeine because they never sleep as they have to draw 24/7 things that will never be built. They will be wearing jeans and a scruffy jumper with pencils in their pockets and toothpicks that they build tiny models with.


They want you to know that they are an artiste who is struggling to bullshit another reason why they painted a brick yellow. They have dyed their hair a vivid orange that clashes with dark roots and they have a fringe that stops halfway down their forehead. Apparently it was intentional… They love black denim and will be wearing a black denim dungaree dress with a striped top under. They will always be carrying a portfolio and have Dr. Martins on.

Business Management

The girls are impeccably contoured for every 9am lecture and wear a classic black jeans, Topshop polo jumper and have a Mulberry or Micheal Kors bag in an exciting shade of black. Probably also have a weird armless coat going on also.

The business guys are wearing their very best adidas trackies with their uni sports teams tops on. They always have a protein bottle on them and will have an apple mac with them to "take notes" but they will never have a pen.  


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They carry a shoulder bag filled with Brontë and Fitzgerald novels that they probably haven't read but it adds to the #lewk. They wear oversized knits with skirts and Chelsea boots. Probably have their hair up in a messy bun because they were up sooo late reading.


They have a uniform of jeans and a shirt with some espadrilles or super clean white converse. They just wanted to go travelling while getting a degree but they've only been as far as Wales on a uni trip and have a bag full of coloured in maps to prove it.


They always seem to be super attractive and the girls live in a rotation of Topshop and Misguided outfits. They will probs be wearing a bardot top with highwaisted blue jeans and a leather jacket. The guys are in dark jeans with a t shirt with vans but for some reason they look better than the rest of us?!

Also they can read your mind, so like, be careful if you run into them.


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You're wearing your fur coat in a vivid shade of lilac or pastel pink and ripped MOM jeans on (fishnet tights underneath the jeans optional). You have a Starbucks coffee the size of your head in your hand, in your other hand you have you iPhone X open on Asos Marketplace desperately seeking yet ANOTHER oversized weird off yellow colour Adidas jumper.


These guys look like a teacher already. They wear chinos into lectures and have knitted sweaters, finishing off their look with some vintage glasses.

PR and Media

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These guys go hard so will most likely be rocking up to lectures in last nights outfit or maybe a stolen hoodie from a boy from the night before. They will have glitter in their hair still and don't even give af. If they aren't rocking last nights outfit they will be dressed kinda mainstream edgy in urban outfitters 90's style tops and jeans.


They will look preppy as they can to try show you that they will definitely be earning more than you one day. Think shirts with sweaters over the top and a pleat skirt or dark jeans. They try to look like they don't care but they are really just sad no one invites them to the pub anymore because they always start arguments they MUST WIN.


You'll know they are a medic because they will tell you if you so much as look at them. There are two types of medics, the ones who only study and live a #cleanlife and theres the ones who work hard af but also go hard af to still live the uni life.

The study ones will be wearing jeans their mum bought them from GAP and have their leavers hoodie on with some new balance trainers. They just don't have TIME to go shopping for new clothes okay!! MEDICINE IS THEIR LIFE.

The wild ones will probably be rocking up to lectures having just changed out of their toga from the night before


These guys are wild. They spend all day pretending to be pigeons and trees and stuff so they love a bit of comfort. They'll probs be in gym leggings and a baggy tshirt to really allow them to express them selves during their active lectures.


They went on a year abroad during second year and now have no friends in this city. STRUGGLING WITH THIS ONE GAH

Sports Students

Why would they come to lectures in anything other than their sports kit?! They have the biggest wardrobe of sports kit but the guys are nearly always in black or dark navy gear.


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They didn't get the grades to do but still just loooveee animals. They will be wearing a tshirt showing what volunteering they did this summer (or in 2015) with jeans and a hoodie. They will look kind of basic but they are pretty chill people if you can get over the crazed look they get when talking about animals.

Illustrations by Kat Williams