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Police are currently hunting for a man with an axe in Headingley

A major policing operation has been launched

Police are currently hunting a man in the Headingley area following a serious car collision. He fled from the scene and is believed to be carrying an axe.

He reportedly drove down the wrong side of Scott Hall Road and Sheepscar Street North at around 5:30pm on Saturday evening and abandoned the car after being involved in a collision with 3 other vehicles.

He used the axe to steal a bicycle and was reportedly seen at the Arndale Centre in Headingley shortly before going into the woods near St Chad's Rise.

Students have been advised to remain within their accommodation whilst the manhunt continues.

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Nobody has been hurt but the public has been advised not to approach him and to call 999 with any information or sightings.

Superintendent Lisa Atkinson, of Leeds District Police, said:

“There is a significant policing presence in Leeds tonight searching for this male and we are very keen to bring this incident to a conclusion as soon as we can and as safely as possible.

“No one has been seriously hurt and it appears the male has only used the axe as a means of stealing the van and the bicycle, but we would urge anyone who sees this male not to approach him and to contact police on 999, so we can locate him and detain him.”