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Everything you should do in semester two at Leeds uni that you said you’d do in semester one

Get your money’s worth for £9000 a year

Everyone goes to university with good intentions of working hard and playing hard, but one of these inevitably ends up slipping. There are probably lots of things that you promised yourself you'd do last semester that you never got around to, so how much will you really change in 2018

Actually go to lectures

For most people, lectures aren't registered so it can be hard to motivate yourself to make it to that 9am after a heavy night at Mission. Who knows, you might end up learning something? At the very least, you'll find out what your lecturer looks like and you'll feel smug when you go to your seminar and know what you're talking about for once.

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An early night before our 9am

Buy tickets on first release

Think of all the money you'd save if you bought tickets whilst they were £3 early bird instead of £8 on the door? However, this usually ends up with people flaking on the day and you'll unsuccessfully try to sell your ticket on Facebook then lose the money anyway. So, on second thoughts, it's probably better to spend a bit more by buying the ticket on the day when everyone finally decides where they want to go.

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Do seminar prep work

Just imagine turning up to a seminar with things to say and informed questions to ask, not sitting at the back, trying to be invisible, looking like you never even went home last night. Instead of going with a hangover and litre of water, you could go with discussion points and knowledge of the subject!!

Go to those societies that you signed up for

You paid the sign-up fee, gave them your email and liked the page on Facebook but did you ever go to rock climbing or vertical fitness? You promised yourself you'd go and even wrote it in your diary, but things always seem to come up on the day (like Netflix and lie ins) that stop you from going. Maybe this semester you could leave your room and try out the things you said you would back in Freshers' week.

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You could do things like this!

Use your Edge membership

Maybe you get a free membership with accommodation, maybe you stumped up the monthly fees for the gym with the intention of going at least four times a week. However, when you went back in September you took one look at the rugby boys pumping weights and the queues for the treadmills, left immediately and haven't been back since.

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More time is spent here

Walk instead of getting Ubers everywhere

Those £3 journeys to uni really add up when it's at least once a day and all of a sudden, you're £200 deep into your overdraft. Walking is better for you, your bank balance and the environment but that doesn't mean you're going to do it.

Start essays when you get assigned them…

… not the day before the deadline. You know you'll spend the day in a caffeine-induced stupor stumbling around Eddy B trying to find a seat and all the books you need. You'll try to read the entire history of medieval literature in one day, your laptop will die and Turnitin will crash at 11:59. It's not worth the stress or the 2:2 so try starting work a couple of weeks earlier.

Explore more of Leeds

You said you'd do all your shopping in Kirkgate market, sample all the cafes and go to all the galleries and museums that you haven't got round to yet . In reality, you haven't seen more than the walk through Hyde Park to uni and the inside of dingy clubs. There's actually a lot to do in Leeds so make the most of exploring whilst you can.

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