Look, I thought we were done hating Taylor Swift and yet here we are again

Give the girl a break

Since Love Story came out way back when in 2008 (making me feel suddenly decades old), Taylor Swift has become the nation's – nay, the world's – favourite person to hate. Just one quick Google search comes up with tonnes of articles about how her girl squad has "abandoned her", (probably not, they're probably just super busy being super stars), some snide dig about how she's never had a number one in the singles charts, and a run down of all her biggest celebrity feuds. This coming less than a week after her latest single smashed countless records on it's release day – including one previously set by Adele's "Hello". But why all the hate? Why is it that Tay Tay cannot step a foot outside of her front door without someone criticising her?

Let's start with the fact that she definitely got on the wrong side of the Kardashian-West clan. Apart from the fact that in 2009, when Taylor was only 19 and had been on the scene for a year, making her fairly new to this celebrity bullshit, Kanye interrupted her well deserved acceptance speech because apparently he had something more important to say?

Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!

He literally stole her moment in the limelight to tell her that someone else was better than she was. Despite the fact that she won the award. Despite the fact that no one actually asked for Kanye's opinion on the matter. No, he was a man who thought he had something important to say, so it's definitely going to be more important than what a teenage girl might be saying, at one of the greatest moments in her life (so far). What a dick. And YET that somehow circles round to make Taylor look like a spoilt brat?

And what about that time that Kanye said one of the most misognyistic things I've ever heard in his single "Famous"

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous

Because even if he had made her famous, that meant that she suddenly owed him something? But yet again everyone went mad at Tay cos she (surprisingly) wasn't happy with these lyrics that drag her name through the mud.

He called her a bitch, then Kim secretly filmed the phone call (which is suspicious btw, and totally illegal) but Taylor was the one who practically went into hiding for a year to try and finally escape the feud that followed her for 7 years. Anything bad said about Kanye or Kim? Nope. Don't expect there to be either. Even if that phone call was legit, what they did was totally snakey as well.

Tay can't even have a standard, normal relationship with anyone without people going mad and accusing her of stringing guys along just to get soem good material. Helloooo, literally every singer/songwriter uses their life to create music. If you're as unlucky in love as Taylor Swift you'd start making money off it too. Adele does it. Ed Sheeran does it. Katy Perry does it. Little Mix wrote a song slating Zayne and everyone hailed it as feminist. Beyonce wrote an entire fucking album about how Jay Z cheated on her and she was applauded, not ridiculed.

She's a young girl trying to navigate growing up, being a celebrity, having her life splashed across the media, and being attacked at every turn in her life. Of course she's going to struggle to maintain a relationship. The fact that there's a rumour she was snuck out of her apartment in a chest to go and visit her secret boyfriend, who she wanted to remain a secret because of what happens when literally anyone finds out she's dating someone new, kinda proves how much she wants it to work.

And how about the fact that she fought her sexual assaulter in court, even though she had enough money to pay him off after he sued her for defamation and won a single dollar cos she was doing it to prove a point that what happened to her was wrong, not because she wanted money. And then proceeded to donate money to victims of abuse to help with their recovery. Did the media focus on this? Nope. She was ridiculed for breaking down in tears (??), had court documents leaked despite the fact that it could ruin the whole case, and a lot of people were fixated on the terrible courtroom sketch. So, all the important things then.

Taylor Swift is a well-deserved award winner who works her arse off at everything she does – and it pays off. She is incredibly successful. So maybe that's what it is. Still, even now, in 2017, people can't stand to see a woman with flaws succeed. If she was a guy, her narrative would probably go a little differently. Let's not forget the fact that Robin Thicke wrote a song about literally trying to rape someone and people still listened to it, bought it, listen to his new shit etc. Chris Brown beat up Rihanna and people have still gone back to him and listened to his shit music. All Tay's done is write a tonne of crazy successful albums, done a tonne of crazy successful world tours, had a few boyfriends, built up a girl squad that every girl dreamed to be a part of, and acted like a lil bit of a snake here and there. But which girl doesn't act like a snake every so often.

Basically, Taylor Swift is amazing. I love her. And I'm not saying you should too, but you should at least hate her for things that are actually legitimate. Her timeline since she became famous proves that misogyny is still very much rooted in our society, and a guy acting the same way as she has done would probably get applauded rather than slated.

I would like to be excluded from this bullshit "let's all hate Taylor Swift cos it's cool" narrative please x