Leeds’ BNOC: Round three

They just keep comin’

Jim Nye, Second Year, Biology

According to his nomination, Jim Nye is known mainly for his “shit haircut, hid under a Ralph cap” and his physical likeness to Pablo Escobar.

His similarities to the famous Colombian drug lord however end with appearance. Those who nominated him claimed: “everybody loves him” even if he “is one of the worst rugby players ever to grace the intramural field.”

Claire Wilsher, Second Year, Politics

You may recognise Claire Wilsher from saladbox, where we are all extremely grateful for her generous portions. Claire also has a lot more going for her than her on point leaves to couscous ratio.

Not only is she pretty brill at netball, she is also a massive fangirl of Jezza Corbyn. Yet poor Claire recently experienced heartbreak when, while conducting her radio talk show, her blind date stood her up live on air.

Liam Merrill, Second Year, Management 

Liam Merrill apparently once saved a litter of puppies from oncoming traffic.

Nuff said.

Tom Orton, Fourth Year, Meteorology

Tom Orton has been deemed “A legend in the School of Earth and Environment”. Unlike most nominations, his title of “legend” seems pretty apt.

Not only did he get offered a job in Singapore without even submitting an application, but he also disproved a 4 year PHD project by cleaning a machine. Alongside his amazing smarts, Tom has a large and loyal following. His course-mates held week long festivities for his birthday and all own t-shirts with his face on.

Jonny McGuigan, Third Year, Broadcast Journalism 

Jonny McGuigan has been described as a “general LUU keeno”. His work for LSR and LSTV and as a Technical Supervisor for the Union earned him a lifetime achievement award from LUU.

With that level of dedication to the Uni, its not surprising he has been called”a true Leeds BNOC”.