Clubbers of the week: Refreshers’ special

The Grace Face has most definitely made it to Leeds

Exams are over, second term is here and the people of Leeds are having some well-deserved downtime.

Here’s a bumper selection of the best clubbers in the capital of the North this week.

Stunners of the week

Runners up

Best Grace Face

Runners up

Best reaction to club gossip

Most naked-looking clubber Best photobomb

Runners up

Best moves

Most suspicious-looking clubber

Most pointed fingers in one photo

Most VKs held by one person

Most confusing scene

Most ferocious-looking clubber

Clubber most tired of the paparazzi

Abs of the week

Clubber most likely to model for L’Oreal

Clubber who looks most like the Scream painting

Trio who look most like a 90s girlband

Clubbers who look most like the drama masks

Most uncomfortable looking clubber

Most dazed-looking clubber

Clubber most feeling the music

Runner up

Clubber who forgot to change out of her PJs

Raunchiest clubber

Runners up

Least appropriate club eyewear

Clubber most excited to be clubbing

Clubber least excited to be clubbing

Clubber who looks like he’s been hit by a gust of wind

Laziest clubbers

Clubbers most feeling Australia

Thanks to Mischief, Voodoo, Taking Liberties and No Curfew for the photos.


Elliot Young – Donuts, Sticky Feet

James Cray – Projekt, Quids In

CWphotographics – Projekt