Beckett grad who needed blood transfusion is learning to walk again

Lucy was involved in a traffic accident in Thailand earlier this month

Injured Leeds Beckett graduate Lucy Hill is now beginning her recovery following an accident in Thailand.

Lucy was involved in a moped collision in Chiang Mai  earlier this month and needed a blood transfusion.

After a social media campaign, hundreds of people queued to donate blood.


Lucy, left, with travelling companion Lauren Hall

Lucy required the A- blood type, which is rare among Thai people.

She is now learning to walk again with crutches and it’s thought she may be able to travel home in the next two weeks.

Lucy’s aunt Sue Raleigh told the BBC: “She’s still over there with her mum, and she’s taking a couple of steps in the morning and a couple in the afternoon

“She’ll be able to walk again, but it’s going to take a lot of work, and a lot of physio. She’s had titanium plates put in her pelvis.

“She has no memory of the accident. She’s just been in shock.”