Stop mourning, the Carnegie cat isn’t dead

Leeds Beckett in recovery after cat death scare

beckett Cat leeds

Following a mass cathunt, the legendary Carnegie cat has been found alive and well. 

A fanfare of tributes to Beckett’s favorite feline poured in after unconfirmed reports of his untimely demise, with the head of the Beckett student exec even offering to give the cat a posthumous honorary degree.

However, it later transpired that the Carnegie cat was in fact alive,  following video proof after a mass cathunt around campus.

Many were elated their beloved BPOC was alive and breathing.

The Carnegie Cat is somewhat of a Beckett legend, calling the Headingley campus food court home.

He’s often seen there strolling around for food, love, and attention.

He even has his own Twitter fan page, and also a fan website documenting his adventures around campus.

Third year accounting and finance Jordan Crankshaw was delighted, but a little bemused about the student exec offering the cat a degree.

He said: “Whilst cats hold a special place in my heart, to think he would have been offered a posthumous degree from Beckett kills me a little inside”.

Sport and Exercise Science second year Callum Wood said: “Life is worth living now the Carnegie cat is alive again”.

However Leeds Uni second year Duncan Claber, however, was a little confused. He said: “So to get a degree from Beckett all you need to do is wander round campus for a while then die?”