Leeds is the edgiest uni in the UK

The others never stood a chance

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We asked the question, and 10,000 of you voted – now Leeds has been crowned the edgiest uni in the UK. 

In yesterday’s poll Leeds received 3,251 votes, storming ahead with a whopping 35.54 per cent.

Bristol followed in second with 26.67 per cent, with Manchester close behind with 22.6 per cent.

Newcastle came last with a measly 1,380 votes – only 15.1 per cent. To be fair, Newcastle is about as edgy as a Friday night at Fruity.

To most of us it was a pretty obvious result. The majority of students strolling through Hyde Park do leave a trail of glitter behind them, like some kind of hipster snail.

Apparently, if Leeds was a brand it would be Nike, compared to Manchester’s Carhartt, Newcastle’s Adidas Originals and Bristol’s Ellesse.  We all know Nike would take any of those out any day.

This isn’t the only title we’ve won either. Two years ago we were voted fittest uni in the UK.

So don your bucket hat, crack open a can of Red Stripe and celebrate at Beaverworks – you deserve it.