Leeds students are the most attractive in the UK

No wonder Prince Harry only dates our grads

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Your friends have been admitting it for a while, and Prince Harry clearly agrees: Leeds students are the fittest in the country.

The party-prone prince, who celebrates his 31st birthday today, famously only dates Leeds grads.

In 2013, Cosmopolitan magazine named Leeds “top for totty” among all UK unis – a claim also bolstered by our own survey this year.

The Uni came first on Cosmo’s fit list, way ahead of rivals Leeds Met who came in at tenth place.

Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy are both ex-Leeds students, as well as being ex-flames of the flame-haired prince.

Davy is a law graduate of the uni – the pair dated from 2004 to 2011.

Meanwhile Cressida Bonas studied dance at Leeds before wooing the prince in 2012.

Rumours suggest that both of the Leeds lovelies are still very much part of Harry’s life, with a source close to Cressida allegedly telling the Metro: “She’s considering making another go at it with Harry.”

It’s not hard to understand Harry’s fixation – Whatuni’s 2011 Student Choice Awards voted Leeds the top UK University for eye candy.

Even other unis agree – 3,000 Tab readers voted in our survey this year to crown Leeds the fittest uni in the country, with a landslide victory of almost half the votes.

Harry didn’t stand a chance.