Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ edition

Welcome back

clubbers of the week drinking freshers

Clubbers of the week returns for freshers, and you did not disappoint.

Stunners of the week


Head wear of the week

12036736_1077454915613084_6877897551628504228_nRunner up


Photobomb of the week

12009589_1075775362447706_6908017300198701442_nGrump of the week

12049689_1077451945613381_5165566473986923785_n Runner up


At least one person is enjoying fresher

Lovers of the week

12047172_421050931414212_3801154473805042999_nRunners up


The monkey seems well into it

Raunchy pose of the week

12047082_1075755352449707_160261159695117910_nHero of the week

12033224_10153606007607836_8211798835144716569_n Outfit clash of the week


Should have phoned ahead to coordinate outfits

Photos: No Curfew ( Entourage, Little Miss, Chaos) photos from their Facebook page, Antics at Pryzm and Space Tuesdays photos from Voodoo events Facebook page. Thanks.