The Scotland rugby team are training at Leeds Uni

USA have to train at Trinity

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The Scottish and American national rugby teams have set up their “team bases” at Leeds universities.

The Scotland team will be training at both Leeds Uni and Leeds Beckett for the competition.

The modestly-named USA Eagles, meanwhile, will be training at Leeds Trinity University.

The teams will go head-to-head on September 27th at Leeds’ very own Elland Road stadium.

Palace of champions

Other universities are playing host to teams, with Cardiff Met, Birmingham Uni and Exeter hosting the likes of Canada, South Africa and Tonga.

The sudden influx of buff rugby players with strong Scottish accents on campus has been greeted with encouragement by some.

Sociology second year Lily Hilton-Allen says: “It’s good that our university is hosting an acclaimed rugby team.

“I just hope, unlike normal rugby boys, they’re more focused on their training and less focused on shitting outside Charles Morris at 3am after a night out.”

Sustainability second year Jess Biggs says: “I think Leeds Trinity is a very appropriate base for the USA to settle in.

“Both institution and rugby team share similar values of disappointment and ineptitude.”

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