This final year’s Taylor Swift parody video will make you feel worse about your degree

I’m feeling a 2:2

A cynical French finalist has recorded a light-hearted song reminding us we’re probably all going to get a 2:2 anyway.

Sammy James’ quirky cover of Taylor Swift’s 22, the final year’s second hit, is sure to lift downtrodden spirits stuck in Eddy B with it’s catchy refrain “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a 2:2”.

The music video, which is centered around the unavoidable habit of procrastination, features a bored Sammy clicking “attending” to Azeem Ward’s Senior flute recital event on Facebook, and texting his disappointed mum.

Explaining his inspiration, the tortured composer said: “I wanted to created an anthem that unites all students stressing with essays and exams up and down the country.

“But in all honesty, I was just looking for a way to avoid upcoming French exams.

“The lyrics for the chorus were inspired by an anonymous member of the Leeds Yik Yak community. Clearly, Taylor Swift is getting many a student through these desperate library times, and therefore, it was only right I chose one of her tracks for this very important song.”

The line “I let my parents down and I won’t be employed any time soon” feels a bit too real after a look at our uni’s place in the university employability rankings.


Other heartfelt lyrics in the exclusive video include “I’m really regretting now subscribing to Netflix” and “I’m really regretting now going out in second year”.