Gryphon fury at Union snub

Editor says paper has been ‘deprived of coverage’

A Frodo/Sauron, East Coast/West Coast rivalry has erupted onto the scene of the LUU Leadership Race.

Members of the Gryphon have criticised the LUU for sidelining its Editor-In-Chief campaign.

The Gryphon’s current editor, Jasmine Andersson, expressed her anger at the LUU in a tweet this morning, citing that it was difficult to locate the ‘click-through’ link to vote for the new editor on the Union’s website.

The link would only appear after you had cast a vote for the Student Exec position.

Others have expressed concern that the manifestoes of the prospective editors are not easily found on the Union’s website.

Some have gone as far as to herald Gryph-Gryph’s lack of coverage as a direct threat to freedom of speech and a ‘perversion of democracy’.

While the Union website has been crashing due to hoards of voters trying to have their say, Union Affairs Officer Bradley Escorcio has branded the Gryphon’s claims of injustice as inflammatory.

Escorcio tweeted that The Gryphon team were included in the decision to separate the election. He said: “Would be great if staff weren’t being inflammatory online.”

Debate is rife over whether the Gryphon editor deserves as much coverage as the execs in the Leadership Race.

Whichever side you fall on, you should at least be able to happen-upon the click-through link after a little impassioned searching.

The Gryphon team have since created a petition against its “sidelining” by the union.

(We can totally see it, but we won’t tell anyone.)