Bet you didn’t know these places existed on campus

We found some hidden gems

Concealed corners and obscure sites are rife

Leeds uni is a confusing place. It has many-a-nook and cranny that fly past completely unnoticed while you glide to the library or leg it to a lecture.

Maybe you’re an inattentive bastard, who knows. Here is a list of places deemed so hidden they got a mention in this article.

The Union Music Library

This picture was taken SEVEN years ago. And you still didn’t know it existed

Like CDs and Vinyl? This is the place for you. To the left of the Leeds Student Radio office (yes we have a student radio) a door opens up to a narrow stairwell.

As you climb the stairs – the decades reverting with each step – you stumble onto what you first think is the bedroom door of a 1970s anarcho-punk teen… You have arrived.

Here you can take out an eclectic range of records and CDs – it’s sort of like Edward Boyle’s cooler cousin.

The UML host events called “Circle Jerks” where they discuss music in as much depth as a good shafting.

Beware: UMLers have been known to physically assault people with iPods.

The Leeds General Cemetery

Behind Henry Price residences is a creepy-ass graveyard. You know, the type that Scooby Doo fucking hates.

It came into existence in 1835 due to overcrowding of the Parish Church cemetery. Its centrepiece is the ridiculously ominous Cemetery Chapel.

Graffiti artists beware – if you’re planning an announcing that you fucked my mum, do it somewhere else – this is a grade II listed building.


Loads of people don’t actually know there is a Starbucks in the Union.

Now everyone can get their venti triple-shot-extra-hot-sugar-free-vanilla-skinny mocha without the commute to town.

Located on the second floor of the Refectory, it’s much more hidden than the actual “Hidden Café.” That place is as discrete as a man running down the street, bananas in both ears and cock out, shouting “look at me! Look at me!”

The Cards and Ticket Shop (CATS)

This is the greatest place in the Union to get little things you don’t need.

Want a tin box with a penny farthing on it? Or a cushion with ‘World’s best procrastinator’ stitched on its front? CATS is the place for life defining items like these.

Why not pick up a card, or a dispensable item that will clog up your desk? Or fancy dress costumes for those of you who go for the “twat” a la mode look.

CATS is like the lifestyle section of a newspaper: primarily avoided because it is of no use to anyone or anything.


Not technically on campus, these halls occupy a special place in the rostra of obscurity.

Aptly named, it is situated 10 minutes from campus and is arguably the least known of all the accommodations. To some it lives only in the imagination –due to its absence from the accommodation prospectus.

Those who claim to reside there are met with a miasma of despair and confusion – the phrase ‘its opposite Opal 1 and 2’ usually fixes things and has become a sort of mantra that Conceptites live by.

Chemistry fresher George Hodges says “my friends spent an hour and a half trying to find Concept Place when it was absolutely freezing outside. They were rather cold with me for the rest of the evening – in both senses.”