Meet the Captains

We rounded up and quizzed a few distinguished leaders so you can decide which team you should join

Now that the oldies have called it a day and passed on the mantle to a fresh new crop, it’s officially time to get ready for another season of university sport.

Rowing – Tom Wrigglesworth

Tom Wrigglesworth – 3rd year Geography student from Southport

What is the funniest moment from last season? Would definitely have to be the capsize drills watching all the novices trying to flip a boat proved difficult for some but ended with hilarious consequences.

What makes you the best sports team at uni? Train hard, play hard. We are often up early on the water before lectures, though not everyone wants to be up so early so we have land members who just do gym work with us. As well as that the main socials are always messy.

Who is the one to look out for in your club and why? Lliam (with two I’s) Taylor – this Scot loves his alcoholic beverage, his inability to control his alcohol has led to him waking up on a wall or in a park several times.

Favourite night out for the club? Would have to be our rubic cube Otley run. All the newbies come to this at the start of the year.

Usually a very messy night, wish I could tell you what really happens but I can’t remember the last two.

Cricket – Tom Shaw

Tom Shaw – 3rd year Business and Environment from Bath 

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season? Tour was the absolute highlight – everyone should go to SalouFest at least once – but the highlight of the year was winning both Varsity games against the Met at the start of the year.

What makes you the best team at uni? We train all winter which is a bonus for cricketers, and as we don’t play matches on Wednesdays in the winter, everyone is twice as keen for Wednesday night.

It means our socials the biggest and messiest – without them getting ‘rugby’ and weird.

Who is the one to look out for in your club and why? Calum “Melon” Redfern is the one to look out for once the beer starts flowing but I don’t think I can say why in public.

There’s also Nick Gubbins – he just plays for Middlesex first team occasionally, no biggie.

Favourite night out for the club?
Mischief @ Warehouse every Wednesday. Hands down.


Men’s Football – Daniel Cunningham

Daniel Cunningham – 4th year Chemical Engineer from Lincoln

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season/tour? Football ball is always the best night of the year. Essentially everyone finds a date gets suited up and gets licked.

Last year the first team coach was by far the most drunk on the night which was jokes but there were plenty of early bedtimes for boys who went too hard too early.

What makes you the best team at uni? We’re the best team because we’re the best looking.

Who is the one to look out for in your club (and why)? Rob Cohen is a fresher last year was on the brink of the ones but he’s a class player coming through, Mike Stockdale is first team centre mid and captain this year he’s class on the pitch and rogue off it. Downs a pint in 2 seconds and lives to get his cock out he’s a big character on and off the pitch. CJ is a softly spoken scouse lad with a larger than life personality. Social sec last year he’s like an overgrown child but great to be around.

Favourite night out for the club? Wednesday social night so we hit Yates for pre-drinks before terrorising Warehouse.

Its always messy as all the other sports clubs are there celebrating wins or drowning their sorrows and you feel like you know everyone which is always nice.

Men’s Rugby – Louis Timpany

Louis Timpany – 3rd year International Business from Hampshire

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season/tour? This was actually in my first year but I ran off the pitch at varsity the wrong side and had about five thousand met supporters all chanting “You Fat B****rd.”

Really weird because I probably have one of the best bodies in the club.

What makes you the best team at uni? We’re a community – one big happy family.

Who is the one to look out for in your club (and why)? Adam Nixon. He has 3 legs.


Women’s Football – Eve Griffiths

Eve Griffiths – 4th year French student from Stoke on Trent 

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season/tour? After struggling to score a goal all season and being the victim of LUUWAFC banter, striker Saskia Walker scored at the Christie Cup where the whole team could join in with the celebrations.

What makes you the best team at uni? At LUUWAFC, we welcome all players of all abilities, we simply want to have fun playing the game that we all love.

Who is the one to look out for in your club (and why)? Liv DaCosta started in the third team, but she has made her way up through the teams to become a vital player at the club, and ended the season with being elected as first Team Captain for the next season.

Women’s Hockey – Chloe Choppen

Chloe Choppen – 3rd year Neuroscience student from Portsmouth

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season/tour? Pick any Wednesday, they’ve all got their stories. There have been some truly magnificent fancy dress efforts – tins of John West tuna, blades of grass, storm clouds, every week is incredible.

Although, without fail, the highlight of every year is ‘Chav Night’; 200 hockey girls, trackie-bottoms-tucked-in-socks, and enough cider black to flood all of Yorkshire.

What makes you the best team at uni? BUCS have just awarded us National Club of the Year – enough said really.

Who is the one to look out for in your club and why? Sluggy (Charlotte Evans) will be dominating the midfield for our 1st XI, setting up some winning opportunities for the forwards with her silky, silky skills.

Our 1’s captain, Sniper, fresh from a season spent playing in Australia, will be a force to be reckoned with in goal. Not to mention our legion of ace freshies who have been killing it at preseason AND our brand new 8th team.

Favourite night out for the club? Any hockey night out is a favourite night out. Wednesdays are a notoriously exceptional event, (a shout out to the legendary Strawbs Bar for their limitless HocSoc supplies), with Terrace Thursdays always ready to offer a comforting pint or 6 to delay the hangover til Friday. Mmm…

Netball – Emily Morrice

Emily Morrice – 3rd year Graphic Design & Communication student from Worcester

What is the funniest or memorable moment from last season/tour? Most memorable moment from last season was when we took on and beat the Rugby boys in a charity netball match for Sports Relief raising about £700 – all the chat about netball not being a real sport stopped straight after that!

What makes you the best team at uni? Last year our 1st team won team of the year and when our coach had to move into another job one of our 1st team players (Shana Potgieter) took over the role as coach and won performance coach of the year – she has continued as our coach again this year. Also we train hard but party hard too as everyone throughout the club gets on so well – Wednesday nights are always great fun.

Who is the one to look out for in your club and why? We have International and national players in the club who should be looked out for as such great talent.

Favourite night out for the club? Well every Wednesday night is now a Warehouse night, so without fail the club will be there every week, in fancy dress as well of course.