10 things NOT to to on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here whether we like it or not. To make sure you have the best day possible, check out our guide on what NOT to do.

1. Text your ex. Whatever day of the year it is, exs are exs for a reason.


2. Forget to buy your partner a present. Could be fatal.

3. Buy a soppy card. No one wants to read a 4 verse poem about how much you love them- it’s just cringy. Amusing or simple cards are the way forward.

4. Send a card if you’re single. This is for your own good.

5. Go on a date just because it’s Valentine’s day. It sucks to be alone today, but hooking up with someone from Tinder probably won’t work.

All of the real couples will be judging you anyway.

6. Cry because you’re single. It’s not the end of the world.

7. Go to a restaurant if you’re single. You may think it’s funny to go on a “date” with your friend but do you really want to be surrounded by loved-up couples showing off their relationship?

8. Pull in Fruity. It’ll be a warzone in there tonight