Last Minute Valentines Presents on a Student Budget

Blown your student loan already but still want to show your other half you care? Check out our last minute Valentine’s gifts – all of which can be bought on campus!

Spent the remainders of your loan on Bakery 164 and booze, but still want to show your other half that you care?

Look no further! Here’s a guide to finding a unique Valentines present around campus without asking your bank to extend your overdraft… again.

1. Pound Coin Key Ring, £2

Where: The Edge

If your Valentine is showing a little holiday weight, this is the subtle little hint to turn them into a gym bunny (just hope it doesn’t backfire and is used on a shopping trolley). It will also stop them scrounging change off you in the future, bonus!

2. Jumbo Sausage Role, £1.20

Where: Proper Pasty Co.

A tasty treat from the Proper Pasty Company will get his heart racing, and who knows, he might even show you his jumbo sausage roll.

 3. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, £3.69

Where: CATS

Hoping your valentine will have super soft suckers on the 14th? Give them a helping hand with this little pot of joy – pucker up!

 4. Pick-n-Mix

Where: Essentials

There’s something for every sweet-toothed Valentine in this bag of goodies from Essentials. Sweeten him up and he can be your sugar daddy.

5. Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Free

Where: Brotherton Library

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? … not in Leeds, but if fancy yourself an old-fashioned romantic get to Brotherton to pick up a book to woo your Valentine. (If that doesn’t take your fancy, a few aisles down you can find a book on Karma Sutra).

6. Fruity Ticket, £4

Where: CATS

If you’d prefer to spend your night in the company of other couples, then this is your golden ticket. Find a spot in Stylus and dance the night away.

7. Cocktails, 2 for 1 from 5-9pm

Where: Terrace

If all else fails take your Valentine down to Terrace. Show him your ‘Slippery Nipple’ and he will ‘Woo-woo’ you. You might even end up with a ‘Screaming Orgasm’…

Don’t forget the essential survival kit for anyone on Valentine’s Day:

At the bargain price of £2. A can of red bull from the Michael Sadler vending machine (to keep you going all night), a handful of free condoms from the second floor of the Union (self-explanatory) and perhaps a pack of paracetamol from Essentials for the morning after.