Vote now: Best Takeaways to go to after a night out

It’s getting late, you’ve just been kicked out of the club and you’re hungry. So where’s the best place to get some food?

It’s 3am, you’ve just been kicked out of Fruity for having sex on the dance floor and your false dream of “beach body summer 2014” has been replaced by the reality of cheesy chips covered in garlic mayo.

Leeds boasts a huge number of takeaways that are regularly filled with students drunkenly ordering greasy food, or using the setting as a last ditch attempt to make sure they aren’t going home alone that evening.

After all, if you can’t get chicks, get chips.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular takeaways for students after a night out. Which of these eateries get your votes?


Famed for its southern fried chicken, its location makes it an easy stop-off after Fruity or Quid’s in at Halo. Unlike many of the other takeaways on this list, Flames is also open in the daytime and is a beloved venue for lunch on campus.

Simpsons Pizza

This takeaway is sandwiched between Balti King and Homer Chicken. Their pizzas are highly recommended and are relatively cheap at £3.50 for an 11 inch pizza of any flavour.

George’s Spice

Takeaway situated on Queens road in Hyde Park. Known for their cheap 11 inch pizzas. George’s neighbour is Charlie Chan’s, a popular Chinese takeaway.


Zulfis is a very popular takeaway, just stationed next to Sainsbury’s Local on Brudenell Road in Hyde Park, with queues forming out of the doors. It’s often best to call ahead on the walk back from the union to beat the 3AM rush. Employees recommend the Chicken tikka on naan as the one dish that you should order after a night out.

Pitza cano

A popular pizza takeaway on the corner of Queens road, a road hailed as the Mecca of Hyde Park takeaways. If you’re looking for a “healthier alternative” the thin crust pizzas at Cano are a good shout.

I spoke to the owner who alleged that Silvio Berlusconi himself has eaten there. They even named a pizza after him. The Berlusconi Special has a “Bunga Bunga” sauce base. Not much other information was given about that particular pizza so I implore you to try that one for yourselves.

They’ve even got a “posh pizzas” section for those willing to pay that little bit extra; the standout option being a Plum sauce, Brie and Crispy Duck combination.


This takeaway is located just opposite the Engineering Building on campus. For those looking for a challenge the King Kong burger is recommended. It consists of 5 patties and if you still feel like it’s a good idea after filling your stomach with excessive amounts of alcohol, then go ahead.

Dixy Chicken

Dixy is a franchise that recently opened in Hyde Park. They are known for their variety of chicken burgers and healthier grilled peri peri chicken.  If you haven’t tried it already, this could be one for the future

El Siciliano

El Siciliano deserves a special mention. It closed down late last year and their letter box overflowing with letters and is a sad sight. The employees were pretty friendly and their cheap meal deals made it good value. Many are sad to see it go, but I thought it would be fair to honour El Siciliano by giving it a position on the list. R.I.P.

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