My Leeds – George Hartshorn (Brotherhood Sound System)

We caught up with George from Brotherhood Sound System to chat music, Leeds nights out and festivals

George Hartshorn AKA Titan is 1/3rd of Brotherhood Sound System, alongside Silas Waughray and Will Sanderson.

Home is?



Environmental science

 Plans for the summer?

Going to a couple of festivals. I’m taking the sound system to some and just having a good time at others. And then I’m going to Indonesia with my girlfriend Anna for a month.

Career highlight?

I would have to say Brotherhood’s first birthday, this was when we moved from 500 capacity venues to Beaverworks where we had a much larger capacity of 1400 people who came and celebrated with us. We put a lot of time and effort into making the event a success, and to see it all pay off was hugely rewarding.

 Favorite music genre?

I’m one of those people that change their mind every single week. So if you ask me now I’d say Latin Jazz and Afrobeat but if you asked my last week I would say Ghetto Funk. It changes too much.

 Other than brotherhood, what is your favorite Leeds night?

It would have to be ‘Butter Side Up’. Before University I wasn’t interested in house music, it was ‘Butter Side Up’ that properly introduced me to it. That very same night I happened to meet my girlfriend, and I had such a fun night. Every night they put on I look into the artists playing, I really respect the bookings they make and I always have a good time!

 Are you a member of a Leeds gym?

I was a member of ‘Exercise4Less’, I bought my member ship this time last year, it has just expired and I used it a grand total of 3 times.

 Favorite Leeds shop?

Clas Ohlson, they just have so many great gadgets.

Favorite bar?

I really like district, I am always excited by the lineups they release, and the original and innovative parties they throw.

 Best first date spot?

I took Anna to LS6 (I think it went well considering we’ve been together for the past two years!). I thought it was quite a nice, relaxed and casual atmosphere to take her on our first date, not too frilly or pressured.

You can check out Brotherhood Sound System in action at Beaverworks this Friday (31st January) .