A bit of a De-Bark-Cle: Sexist card removed from Union

An offensive card which compared women to dogs with chlamydia has been removed from sale in the Union.

After banning ‘Blurred Lines’ and The Sun newspaper last year, you would expect Leeds Union to promote equality.

But after their latest gaffe, perhaps LUU should start following their own example.

Bone of contention … A female student complained when she realised this card was being sold in LUU.

A card, which was on sale in the Union gift shop ‘CATS’, is emblazoned with the slogan “BEWARE OF THE DOG” and comes with the derogatory tagline “she may look sexy in those hot pants, but she’s probably got Chlamydia”.

In a show of indecision, the Union have removed the offensive card -which they approved in the first place.

The card was quickly removed after a female student complained that it was offensive via Twitter.

Everything sold in the student union gift shop is approved by the student executive team, including an Equality and diversity officer.

Bradley Escorcio, Union Affairs Officer said: “The execs were comfortable with the range more generally, and felt it was up to students if they chose to purchase from it or to raise it as a concern.”

Do you think the card should have been sold in Leeds Union? Let us know in the comments.