Valentine’s Plea

One Leeds student has taken to Facebook in order to find himself a date after being left in the lurch

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, the scramble to first find a date and then actually plan it is intensifying.

Plea-mendous – Adam’s intial post went viral

Though should you feel like your chances of spending the 14th loved up with that special someone diminishing – and should you be of the female variety – there is one alternate solution.

And that solution comes in the form of Adam Wood.

The third year English language and literature student found himself left in the lurch after a break up, leaving him with no-one to share his plans with for the romantic day.

However, instead of resigning himself to the seedier corners of the internet for the day, he’s put out a post on facebook asking for any takers to join him on his pre-booked evening.

The evening is actually on the 15th – the Friday – and promises to take the lucky girl to dinner at Brown’s restaurant, and then drinks in the Hilton Hotel’s sky bar, where a room is already booked for the night.

His initial post has been shared over 100 times already, with it even making an appearance on the popular Leeds Uni Confessions page.


Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Adam said:

“I made the post because the evening is pre-booked and paid for, and I didn’t want it to go to waste/have to resort to giving it to my mum.

“There’s been a bit of interest, a few friend requests and even messages from a girl I don’t know from Wales.”

So be honest with yourselves girls: that one guy you’re waiting for is unlikely to make a romantic gesture beyond pausing FIFA, so this is probably your best chance for that idealized romantic evening.

Mr. Wood welcomes all requests, so go on girls, send him a facebook message.