Edge In Another Security Lapse

The Edge faces more security concerns as thieves break into changing room lockers

The Edge is finding itself in the middle of another security scandal after thieves managed to break into dressing room lockers and steal valuable items in broad daylight.

A third year student came back from using the swimming pool facilities to find out that his locker had been broken into and over £300 worth of valuables had been stolen.

It is believed that the perpetrators were not members of the Edge or even the University, yet were able to enter the changing rooms and break into the locker regardless.

It is also not the first time that the Edge has been left red-faced amid a security lapse.

Over summer the Edge was involved in another incident involving a man who was convicted of spying on the Chinese Olympic swimming team whilst they changed.

Despite the promised increase in security at the campus gym as a response – including more CCTV – the incident went unnoticed until it was reported.

And even then, the CCTV footage presented no solid evidence.

This time though it is unlikely that the perpetrators will be caught, leaving the victim rather upset.

In an open letter to the Edge, they said:

“It was the inability and lack of experience that your staff demonstrated, as well as your pointless and faulty security equipment, which failed to prevent and solve the crime.

“The fact that two members of staff thought that the criminals were “dodgy looking” and simply allowed them to the roam the vicinity without following them or alerting any members of security, really should ask questions of the level and standard of training that your members of staff receive.

“I appreciate that staff are unable to discriminate against member of the public, but to follow and alert the security should be procedure.”

When contacted by The Tab, a spokesperson for the Edge said:

“We are sorry that this regrettable incident occurred in the Edge, but would assure our customers that this is an isolated incident.

“In nearly three years of operation, this is the first incident where a locker has been broken into. Our lockers are of a similar high quality and standard to those found in other health club.

“As a result of this incident, we will be relocating/adding cameras to our reception area, to provide clearer images of people using the building.”