Snowed Under

Snowriders delay booking for Easter trip as website gets hammered by unexpected demand


Lured by promises of debauched nudity and perhaps the odd bit of skiing, Snowriders’ Easter trip to Val Thorens has seen an unprecedented number of people hoping to gain a place on the trip.

However, the site that handles the booking process – – has been overloaded by the amount of requests, preventing people from loading the booking form.

The booking process went live at 12pm, but within minutes the website had been brought to its knees as a result of everyone trying to grab a place.

With no obvious support group to turn to at such a harrowing time, many would-be snowriders used the event’s facebook page as the medium in which to express their frayed emotions.

Naturally, with this being the internet, there were always people at hand to take advantage of such fragile emotional states, and like a lion on the Serengeti, the facebook page provided ample prey.

That link may or may not be a RickRoll…

It seemed that everyone had their own way of dealing with this shocking turn of events. Some offered stress-relieving advice in the form of youtube videos, while others directed their anger at the people behind the outgoing site.

With the site at its knees, Snowriders took the executive decision to delay the booking process for a couple of hours while the site recovered, in order to give everyone a fair chance.

However, come 2pm, a sense of déjà vu set in, with the site being forced offline again within a matter of minutes, and along with this the same amount of facebook grieving.

Snowriders assured The Tab that they were doing everything they could to make the process as easy and fair on everyone: “Since the Mayrhofen trip, Outgoing have invested in a new booking system. Despite being designed to handle large volumes of traffic (for the likes of Snowbombing etc), there have been some major server related teething problems today for the launch of the VT trip. They have a team of 6 IT staff currently working to resolve the issue. There are still loads of places left. Keep an eye on the Leeds Snowriders facebook for updates.”

After the site being down for over an hour, both Snowriders and Outgoing decided that it was time to let people off the emotional rollercoaster that was the booking process, stating that it’d be open again in the ‘foreseeable future;.