Union Gags Its Own Paper Amid Corruption Scandal

The story the Union doesn’t want you to read, and Leeds Student can’t let you read.


Leeds University Union allegedly threatened legal action against its own newspaper according to a senior source within Leeds Student.

A source claims that the Union was ‘desperate’ to stop the newspaper from fully reporting on a police investigation into the Union’s financial accounts. Leeds Student are understood to have unearthed details regarding the investigation, but left them out after an ‘understanding’ was reached with Union bosses.

Lucy Snow – Editor of Leeds Student.
Sources claim she’s ‘more than a little annoyed’

The newspaper, which is funded by Leeds University Union, has refused to comment on the gagging order.

Lucy Snow, Leeds Student’s editor, is said to be ‘deeply frustrated’ according to one mole.

Rather embarrassingly, it is claimed that most of the revelations came in an interview between two of the newspaper’s senior reporters and the Union’s CEO Aidan Grills. But once the interview finished, Grills is said to have backtracked and demanded that the newspaper not print exactly what he had told them.

The source claims that one of the key details that both the newspaper and the Union argued over was the exact size of the financial black hole. The Tab understands the figure to be somewhere between £15,000 and £30,000 although the true extent of the black hole could deepen as the investigation goes on.

Antony Haddley – Union Affairs Officer who hasn’t answered his phone for 48 hours. Apparently he’s really busy.

Calls to Union Affair’s Officer Antony Haddley, who had promised to be the most open spokesman for the Union yet, have so far gone unanswered. Obviously he’s yet to make it through his binders full of women.

Meanwhile, Leeds University Union have for the fifth time this week refused to give a comment to The Tab.

UPDATE: A day later, Antony finally gets in touch with The Tab


This affair is a damning indictment on the internal affairs of the Union who only last week claimed that they always operate in an ‘open and transparent way’.

The Union claims they work for you, and funnel money into Leeds Student with the aim of providing you relevant news. This act of censorship proves a dramatic contradiction of such aims and leaves students in the dark as to what is happening with their money

The Tab, in spite of the Union’s efforts, will be pushing for a thorough follow up to this story until the full details are made public.