Club selling ‘killer vodka’ to students

Trading standards seized 600 bottles of potentially lethal vodka from just one Leeds nightclub.

Officials are warning students to stay alert after trading standards seized 600 bottles of potentially lethal vodka from just one Leeds nightclub.

Officials say criminals give brand names their fake vodka to make them sound more authentic

West Yorkshire Trading Standards are refusing to name the club but warned that other places in Leeds could still be stocking the bogus vodka.

The news follows a police investigation last year which found several off-licenses in Leeds guilty of selling killer vodka.

David Lodge, head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said the discovery was particularly scary because the vodka had actually been branded to convince customers of its authenticity.

Typically, fake vodka contains industrial alcohol – a lethal mix which can include chloroform, cleaning fluids or methylated spirits.

Even small amounts of the Vodka can lead to a range of symptoms including, excessive vomiting, partial blindness and internal chemical burns.

Lodge said the club was still under investigation and that details of the case would be made public within a few weeks.