CAS at FullCircle

Welcome to the arts society


Last week was the CAS (Collaborative Arts Society) “intro party”.

For those of you that don’t know CAS is a mixture of Fine Art, History of Art, Cultural Studies and some Museums Studies kids aswell. To be honest, it’s those who get to go to lectures in the nicer Parkinson-esque buildings on campus because they have art on their side and thus wouldn’t be caught dead in the architectural horror that is Roger Stevens.

The event was to be cool, because being in art is perceived as being pretty cool.

This task was achieved via the venue  selection, FullCircle Warehouse, along with smooth live jazz playing amongst low sofas/boho seating, sushi servers, a vintage pop-up store and obviously the art exhibition at the back. With these factors combined, not forgetting the upstairs film pieces, this event was quintessentially artsy.

Now I hasten to add that there is nothing wrong with being artsy – this space was awesome and I loved the jazz and the wine making this a sophisticated platform for young artists and their admirers.

If you haven’t been to FullCircle yet I recommended it, even if you’re not that into quirky (almost creepy) spaces. It’s in Aire Place Mills so it’s already a bit on the outskirts of the club scene but that doesn’t matter.

Regardless it describes itself as a “hidden gem with a relaxed Sunday vibe everyday, where you can enjoy design classics mixed with a hint of quirky British eccentricity” which is bang on really.

Definitely got the Sunday chilled out vibe happening, which was great for those that were there to mingle with the artists and fellow appreciators. There is also this “quirky eccentricity,” the owner is a crazed collector so there’s cool stuff everywhere, including upstairs where there is a small space closed off, behind it a workshop and caravan.. where he lives.

Ultimately though this event was an exhibition, to proudly showcase what the Leeds student art scene was up to. It was ‘Bring your own art’ and supposed to be studenty and unconventional. Part of the cool factor and also the accessible idea for the less artsy event goers.

To sum up, it was a solid ‘cool’ evening, dare I say that word again. The venue was perfect, as was the jazz, the slightly overpriced drinks seemed to flow and everyone had a jolly old time.

Thumbs up to the new and improved CAS, look forward to the next event.

(for information on the society, further events and membership, check the Facebook group, or email [email protected])