Review: Palma Violets at Nation of Shopkeepers

What the garage rock four-piece showed for themselves

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band like Palma Violets. With so much hype and so little actual evidence of greatness, I was unsure of what to was coming.

Luckily I was not met with disappointment. The London group are as exciting as exciting gets.

With the Nation of Shopkeepers packed out with the cool elite of Leeds, along with the semi-curious we stood shoegazing and pondering, and tension mounted as the great support – Childhood – took to the stage (I was so riled up I spent a tenner on one of their tee’s…).

By the time Palma Violets eventually got to the stage I’d made full use of my Nation discount card and was loving the Fruli strawberry beer so was pretty ready.

The raucous lads set about showing everyone they meant business. Playing their big first record ‘Best of Friends’ and other bangers like ‘Tom the Drum’ they set the room on fire.

They had a natural stage presence and you can tell are tight and love what they do.

Now I hate anyone who rants about modern bands being the saviour of guitar music, and Palma Violets have already had their fair share of this, but they are damn good.

If you get a chance, check them out live, or watch the few youtube videos they have.