Branch out!

Five clubs you may not know…


After my fresher’s week last year, I couldn’t think of anything worse than visiting the Leeds University student union again, at least not for a while. Being crammed in with hundreds of other new students progressively looking more and more hung-over throughout the week made me itch to find out what else was out there, so here’s a help.

Cockpit. The name sounds a bit suspect, but this is a really popular club amongst all sexualities. Get down on a Wednesday night for hip-hop night Southern Fried, where you can drink Crunk Juice and Vodka Orange Soda till you get your dutty wine on. If that isn’t your thing, try out Session on a Friday night for indie anthems all night long.

Hi-Fi. This is a very weird club. Like really weird. But it somehow works. One night you’ll feel like you’re in a Parisian jazz club, the next you’ll be listening to soul and funk bands playing on their teeny-weeny stage. Don’t bother checking the listings, just go to any random night and see what you think.
Wire. Just round the corner from Hi-Fi, similar but both have their different charms. I went on Saturday and don’t remember an awful lot- always a good sign of a good night out. Before you go in have one at the bar next door, Milo, which has a really good atmosphere. Only one though, you don’t want to be living on the street for the rest of uni.
Mint Warehouse. This is the complete opposite type of night out but similar to Mint and Warehouse (I know, really fucking original names) so head to any of these for the best DJ sets in Leeds. It’s a bit out of the way, tickets are a necessity and you have to be in the right… frame of mind to truly enjoy it, but its well worth the effort.
Faversham. This swanky bar is prime location if your halls are on campus, because it’s just a stones throw from Charles Morris. The cash you save on taxi can be used to its full potential as there are normally cheap drinks offers going on. There’s less pretension and more partying than the rest of the places on our list, so just go down and get smashed.